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November 2010
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"Chill November brings the blast,
Then the leaves are whirling fast."
- Sara Coleridge 

"How silently they tumble down and come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare, beneath the trees without a care…
At other times, they wildly fly until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air till all the trees stand stark and bare,
Exhausted, drop to earth below to wait, like children, for the snow."
- Elsie N. Brady, Leaves

"November always seemed to me the Norway of the year."
Emily Dickinson

"An Angel Walked with Me"

        On one November morning of 1992, I was dressing for a job interview as an administrative assistant at an upscale, luxury hotel. The weather was forecasting our first cold front that morning, and the week before Thanksgiving. I was bundled in my favorite warm, cable turtleneck and my sister’s skirt.
          I arrived at the hotel and had my job interview, which was brief. It was great timing, as I also had plans to have lunch with my sister who worked minutes from the hotel. As I approached the main lobby to leave, the doorman cautioned me to wait inside, until the wind died down. I let him know I had a lunch date and had to leave. His persistence convinced me to wait five minutes, then realizing I had no more time to waste, I thanked him for caring and began to walk down the driveway. The doorman called for me to wait again and warned me not to walk, as we saw the wind had picked up speed. I turned and smiled at him and said good-bye.
          As I hurriedly walked along the sidewalk, I could not see the garage, since the street was curved. I could hear the wind howling, and could see the leaves falling, and even some branches breaking from trees. Within minutes, the wind pushed strongly against me and I began to panic since I was slender. I constantly held my hair back as the wind slapped it across my face. Suddenly, my skirt flew upward and I struggled to hold both my hair and skirt as I was holding my purse and resume too.
          At one point, I nearly fell and I looked for something, anything to hold onto. I saw a “No Parking” sign a few yards ahead and went for it. With one arm around the pole and the other holding my skirt, purse and resume, I wondered what I should do next. Ten minutes passed and I realized the wind was not stopping and that I'd be late for lunch with my sister. I looked around and saw no approaching cars, no pedestrians, no one.
          After waiting about fifteen minutes, I turned and suddenly saw a tall, young man walking on the sidewalk toward me. He was about six feet, handsome and blond. When he was inches away, I took notice of his calm and confident demeanor. He was repeatedly touching his tie and didn’t notice me until I smiled at him.
          I hesitated to impose but I was eager to get to my car and be safe. I said, “Excuse me, sir, I need to ask you if I could..." he stopped me short and suddenly finished my sentence with, “...hold onto my arm?” I was stunned at the thought of him reading my mind and knowing I needed to hold onto someone to walk me to the garage. He had a delightful smile about him and was fearless. He then poised his arm for me to hold onto and I quickly held on and felt assured of my safety from the wind.
        As we walked briskly, the wind was still blowing strong and we began to talk. The first thing he said was “What is a beautiful, young lady like yourself doing walking in dangerous wind?”, then he told me, “You should heed others when they warn you of the dangers of a windstorm.” I wondered if the man had come from the hotel as well. I did not see him around there, but again, he appeared from nowhere.
        We continued to walk, I could see the garage in the distance. I was amazed at how calm and gentle he was with me, and I knew there was something about him that made me believe he was an angel. His eyes were of a dark blue hue, much like the ocean. He had no veins on the white of his eyes. His skin was extremely soft with no hair, and tawny-looking. He stood very straight and was lean and fit. Everything about him was perfect. He had a serene glow and when he smiled at me, I smiled back. Shy and feeling that I was imposing, I thanked him for helping me and told him I would run under a small roof building, before running into the garage which was closer.
          He insisted that he walk me to the garage, even my car and again expressed the danger of the wind, but I was too quick and ran. I smiled and waved and by the time I reached the small roof, I realized I did not thank him enough. Seconds later, I ran back to the sidewalk and he was gone. The distance to the end of the block was still far and there was no way he could have reached it that quickly. I WOULD have seen him. He was not across the street even. He was nowhere. I was grateful and joyful that I received a validation of who he was - an angel, without a doubt. – Anonymous

"Eric & The Angels"

Last year I was on a six month deployment with the U.S. Navy. (My rank is an E-6.) While I was gone, my children had a week long visit with my sister. After the children left, my sister emailed me and asked if my 6 year old son, Erik, had ever mentioned "seeing" anything before! I asked what did she mean?

My sister said that while she and Erik were playing, he looked behind her and told her not to worry because her Angel was with her!

I arrived home in December, and as Erik and I sat on the couch I asked him what he had seen. Erik said, "I see lots of Angels." I asked him to explain further and he said that there are two at Grandma's; a boy for Grandma and a girl for Aunt Pam.

He described one Angel as shiny with long blond hair and wearing a white dress. Eric said he saw two Angels at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and one in our old house and one here in our new home. He shared that at first he was afraid, then he realized that it was the same "boy" from our old house.

Knowing my family was taken care of by Angels, while I was gone, gave me great peace (Mom had just had cancer surgery the year before.)

Eric is not afraid of the Angels and says they are with us all the time. I asked him to let me know when he sees them again! I wish I could be so lucky to have his gift!!! - Billie

Comforting the Animals
The Animals' Corner

“I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants.” – Mahatma Gandhi

"Did you know that, like chickens, the 300 million turkeys raised and killed for their flesh every year in the United States have no federal legal protection? Thousands of turkeys are crammed into filthy sheds after their beaks and toes are burned off with a hot blade. Many suffer heart failure or debilitating leg pain, often becoming crippled under the weight of their genetically manipulated and drugged bodies. When the time comes for slaughter, they are thrown into transport trucks, and when they arrive at the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut and their feathers burned off—often while they are still fully conscious."

      A couple of people were handing out your leaflets at my school, Kenyon College, today. Although I have been a vegetarian for over seven years, your booklets really helped renew my dedication to the cause. I REALLY appreciated that they weren’t polarizing like other organizations. Your leafleters approached the vegan/ vegetarian issue in a very reasonable way. PLEASE keep up the good work – the world needs to know. —AD, 11/3/10

      I’m a military spouse living on an Army base in Germany. My husband, son and I were walking through Prague’s Old Town where I was handed your booklet. I read it, and it haunted me. It took two months, but it percolated in the back of my mind until I became a vegan three days ago. I just decided that I didn’t want to pay people to do that to animals. I am finally at peace with my diet. You mention on your web site that everyone likes to be successful. Well, I’m officially one of your statistics. And as the parent and the shopper for this home, I have the ability to influence at least two other individuals’ choices. —RP, 10/26/10

      I received a booklet at the Holly Springs, NC community festival. I knew bad stuff goes on but I never allowed myself to really think about it. This booklet changed everything and I can no longer support these torture chambers. Thank you for making me aware. I’m really going to try the vegan thing and hopefully make a difference. —MC, 11/6/10, Apex, NC

     A friend of mine had a booklet containing photographs of animals in slaughterhouses, and I realized I am supporting a cruel industry by eating meat or products derived from animals. It quickly opened my eyes to reality. While there are many health benefits that come with being vegan, my number one reason for going vegan is to help end animal cruelty. —SS, 11/5/10, Newark, NJ


      Another sign that casino billionaire Steve Wynn has become totally committed to animal protection: he’s just changed his will to include animal concerns. Robin Leach quotes Wynn:
      "I don’t want any more concentration camps for animals that are cruelly treated, force fed to fatten themselves up for our consumption. I’ve become an animal rights activist. I’m taken care of myself for the rest of my life. So I decided to change my will the last few days in case I croak. I’m not about to, and I’m not planning on that for a long time. But I’ve changed my will to show my concern for animal rights. [My wife] Andrea is in full agreement!"


        (CBS) “Jeff Clark helped save a Doberman from a burning home in 1999. It resulted in what became a world-famous photo of the dog "kissing" Clark on the scene. Now, the Charlotte, N.C. fireman is at it again.
        He and fellow vamp Alan Haynes grabbed nine brown-and-white puppies who were trapped in a house engulfed in flames earlier this week. When they and other firefighters got there, they saw heavy smoke rising from the structure, and a man standing outside with an adult female dog.
        Clark told co-anchor Chris Wragge on "The Early Show Saturday Edition" he and Haynes "just happened to be able to grab" the pups. He said it "wasn't very difficult. The engine companies on scene ... did an excellent job in the fire take-down, which lifted the smoke so that we had good visibility. The puppies were in a little pantry area off the kitchen next to a water heater. They were all on the floor. They were making some noise ... and luckily, we had a blanket and were just able to grab them."
        Though one of the pups has since died, Clark described several coincidences between his '99 rescue and the latest one, saying, "Cinnamon (the Doberman) ... was the mother of nine puppies. ... We were able get her out of the house and here it is nine, 10 years later, and this time, it's puppies. So it's just a very unique situation."
-- July 20, 1999 file photo shows firefighter Jeff Clark getting a lick from a dog he found safe and sound in a house fire in Charlotte, N.C. (AP/Patrick Schneider, Observer)

"Guides & Angels"

        "Who are our guides and what are their roles in our lives? Our guides are what I call our wingless Angels. They are our most cherished friends and supporters in Heaven. They never leave our side ... Never for a single second. In fact, what many do not know is that somewhere right here on Earth, in our families or somewhere in a line of dear personal friends, there is always one who acts as a Heavenly go between for us and the Realm. Hence the verse, "Angels walk among you unaware!

        “How many Angels do each of us have? As many as we need. Some need one, but I understand that most have two or even three. These Angels mostly come in the form of guides. However, winged guardian Angels are never far away and always have a watchful eye on us to make sure nothing prevents us from accomplishing our Divine purpose." - Christian Andreason, from his near-death experience.

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