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Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. -- Albert Schweitzer

The Forced Molting of Hens for the Love of Money

...'A manager for the country's biggest egg company, Cal-Maine, told UPC: "Usually we lose anywhere from 500 to 1000 hens the first day we put them back on feed. The [excretory] ammonia in the house during this period is so bad we usually wear masks in order to breathe. It is almost unbearable to us."

'Due to the cruel treatment at Cal-Main (and elsewhere), the death rate of the hens amounts to 1-2% of the flock. In addition, if the workers get so sick when entering the chicken houses, think of how horrible it must be for these hens who are forced to live under these conditions. And every time someone eats an egg or a product containing eggs, it contributes to the continued suffering of these and untold millions of other hens.'

It's time for us, as a society, to stop being blind to the cruelties that are taking place around us. It's time we stop supporting such industries. It's time we stop hardening our hearts, for the more we harden our hearts, the more other aspects of our lives are affected negatively...It's time we stop sanitizing violence in our society.

Germany has decided to move much more quickly than the rest of the **EU and has banned *battery cages from 2007 onwards, six years ahead of the standard...In June, Germany became the first country in the European Union to enshrine animal rights in its constitution (Non-EU Switzerland did so in 1992).

According to a 2000 Zogby poll in the United States, 86.2 percent of respondents said it was unacceptable to confine egg-laying hens in battery cage conditions, and 75.4 percent of respondents found forced-molting unacceptable. - As education about the conditions of egg-laying hens spreads, so will opposition against battery cages!

*Battery cages are the small cages that almost all "laying" hens in the U.S. are kept in. They have wire mesh floors...and small gaps in the front, to allow the hens to feed. A sloping floor ensures that the eggs roll into a trough. The wire walls often cause extreme feather loss and painful, lifelong blisters. Battery cages are so small, and filled with up to ten hens that they are unable to spread their wings or even lie down.

**Member nations of the EU include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, and Sweden

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