December 2006 - Volume 14



     "The art comes from a vision I had in a Catholic Church. One day I looked back at the empty pew behind me and saw the four, seven-foot Archangels kneeling. Their heads were bowed so low all their hair fell in their faces.
     "Michael had golden-blond, thick hair to his shoulders, and he wore a tunic with short sleeves, Roman-type armor and a red cape tied at the neck.
     "Uriel was wearing a white cloak and tunic with long sleeves, embroidered with gold and a gold belt. He had long black hair.
     "Gabriel's hair was longer, past his shoulders, and was white-blond with gold strands. His eyes were green with
gold specks. He wore a pale green cloak and tunic with long sleeves and a gold belt about his waist.
(Commissioned cover art)
     "Raphael also had long, black, wavy hair. His tunic was navy blue with long sleeves and his cloak was white and gold.
     "In each angel's hand was a Roman blade and the end that they held in their hands looked like a cross."
     Mary Roberge has written a book entitled "Retaliation, Might, and Mercy: A Story of Angelic Protection", which is in the process of being published. She lives in Connecticut, has a daughter, and a cat. She has written for the local newspaper and internet sites. She loves to write stories about angels. Last year she wrote a plot for a short ballet with an angelic theme that was performed at the Church of Saint Gabriel in London, England.
     Mary also contributed another beautiful story entitled, "Aubree's Guardian Angel" which was featured in the April newsletter this year.
                                         LINDA JACQUIN'S NDE

       Linda was playing in the water, putting pebbles in a bucket and having a really good time. Though she was just four years old, Linda said she remembers everything, including when her foot slipped off a rock and she was caught under the surface.
       "I was underwater and I started breathing underwater because at four and a half years old, you didn't know you can't breathe underwater."
       What happened next isn't completely clear. But Linda said she began to leave her body -- floating away. She recalled the view from above
her body: "I  saw blond hair floating on water, which was my blond hair. I was perfectly happy where I was. I felt safe, I felt loved, and I didn't want to go back in my body -- back in the place where I was."
       Linda spent moments with her grandmother amid colors she said were more beautiful than any rainbow.
       "The closest thing that I could say that it looked like is when light hits an icicle and it refracts for that brief second, and you see all colors at one time, but they're crystal clear,"
       "I can remember how sad my mom and dad were and I could tell how panicky they were and then my gaze went to my brother Bobby, and I said I have to go back for Bobby -- he's going to be in a lot of trouble if I don't go back."
       She chose to go back. Others who have a near-death experience say they're powerless to go where they're heading -- only following or being carried. Most also say that they're bathed in warmth and love.
       "The only thing that exists on the other side is love. And if people just did that and had compassion for other people, the world would be a lot better place," Linda said. -
Reported by KLTV, Channel 7

             THE ANIMALS' CORNER
                "Angel for Animals"

Recently I received the following letter:  "While most of us will enjoy the warmth of the coming holiday season at home with friends and family members, thousands of neglected "backyard" dogs will have no refuge from the cold. Some may find temporary protection under a bush or behind a garbage can. Some will suffer from frostbite or die from exposure. All will face the pain and fear of another winter alone at the end of a chain."

         Fortunately there is a solution. "Angel for Animals" doghouse program provides warm and durable homes to "backyard" dogs who otherwise have to endure harsh weather conditions without any shelter whatsoever.
         Caring people have already given 290 neglected dogs shelter from the cold this winter by sponsoring sturdy, straw-filled wooden doghouses; but with rain, freezing temperatures, and snow on the way, thousands more backyard dogs need our help.

        An "Angel for Animals" doghouse sponsorship also makes a great gift for those who love animals. You and your gift recipient will each receive a certificate with "before" and "after" photos-illustrating the difference that your gift has made for one lucky dog-as well as special mention on our exclusive "Angel for Animals" website.
     Your tax-deductible donation is safe and secure, and it will help hundreds of neglected dogs this holiday season."
       Watching the snow fall outside makes us feel warm and cozy inside, but I don't imagine an animal tied up in the yard feels the same, so it's good to know that we can help provide vulnerable animals with immediate relief from the cold and protection from winter storms for many years to come.
      "The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, that's the essence of inhumanity." -- Isaac Bashevis Singer
Click here to help our animal friends... 
                        be an Angel for Animals
Artist's Note:

We Wish You Happy Holidays
& A Very Merry Christmas!

       Thank you again for requesting the Angel Newsletter. There won't be a January issue, so I'd like to also say that I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful
New Year's Eve and Day.

All the best to you in 2007!

May you be filled with so
much light that it overflows & floods the Earth with peace
and good will toward all at last!
December 2007 Newsletter
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