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"On the lower rungs of the ladder of the Angelic Hierarchy
are to be found the nature spirits of the four elements of earth, water,
air and fire. The English countryside where these studies were
made is well populated with the almost infinite variety of
denizens of these four kingdoms of Nature."
" Fairies at Work and Play"
Geoffrey Hodson

Fairy Art - Flowers & Fairies

Fairy Art - Flowers & Fairies

"Flowers & Fairies"
18" x 14"
"I sense the presence of many small beings - all the parts of nature that are vibrantly alive. I can see these beautiful little creatures...They must be what are called "fairies". The music comes from the energy that is generated from their dancing. It is so light and radiant, and they smile right out of the flowers. It is the consciousness level of this aspect of nature."
Cosmic Journeys"
Rosalind McKnight

Fairy Art - Fairies' Harvest

"The Fairies' Harvest"
18" x 14"

This picture portrays the existence and work
of the nature spirits. The following quote reveals the
part they play in providing a bountiful harvest:
"As physical growth (of the plant or tree) continues, more of the vegetable consciousness is expressed...the vibrations from the centre become more complex; new "notes" are added, each one calling the appropriate nature-spirit builder, vivifying the type of matter which corresponds to it, and producing the form into which that matter has to be built...One can almost sense a kind of straining upwards of the plant consciousness towards the fairy..."
"The Kingdom of Faerie"
Geoffrey Hodson

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