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Angels with a Soldier

For the family

Angel Art - Tina's Picture
Angel Art - Grandma's Picture

Angel Art - The Boys

Tina Marie's Grandmother & Great Grandchildren

"I did give my mom the painting and she was thrilled. She loved it !!!! I am very grateful to you. I was blessed to have met you in this world...what a talent you have ! Also thanks for listening to me when I had a bad day. You are so sweet to have done that. God Bless You" -- Tina Marie

          Jan. ’08 - “My Grandson went to be with Jesus 2 weeks ago, he was born 11/30/2007 and died 12/26/2007. He was 3 months premature...We do have pictures mostly with tubes and machines hooked up, but we also have some right after he passed away. Is there anything you could do to capture him? I am trying to find something for our daughter. Thank you.” Donna
          Feb. ’08 - “Oh my Gosh you have been an answered prayer - we love it, I can’t stop crying, it’s perfect!!!! It has given Amy much gladness - you made it possible for us to see what he looked like alive, without any hookups… thank you soooo much for giving our daughter some peace and a perfect vision of him. As we looked at it, it’s like as soon as Jesus touched him, he became perfect.”

Angel Art - Angel Joyce

Joyce's Portrait

Work In Progress
Another with a request for the "Homeward Bound" background...

Mary's Archangels

This picture is the cover art for Mary Roberge's upcoming book entitled, "Retaliation, Might, and Mercy: A Story of Angelic Protection." She described the vision that she had while in a church one day. To read about her experience and her descriptions of the Angels, go to Angel Stories.

Angel Art - Shauna

Angel Art - Tanya's Dad

Angel Art - Shauna-sm.jpg

For Shauna's Family

Shauna was just 23 and starting to really experience life. She had been suffering with seizures since she was 17. Her family thought that they had them under control and then on Jan 22, 2006, she passed away. Her aunt commissioned a picture of her with her grandfather, who had also crossed over. She asked that the picture be created using "Homeward Bound" as a background, and she wanted me to include doves and a hummingbird.

Karen's Angel

"I love it love it love it! Perfect with her touching the wing. And it fits perfectly in with the formatting of the book as well! I can't wait now to have another one for you to work on - there will be more soon! ... it looks truly beautiful as is. Thank you so much Lotus...Blessings" -- Karen

For Kevin Williams - After-Death Communications with his Mother
(Kevin provided a picture of Jesus that he wanted me to use.)

"...I absolutely love it. I received your excellent portrait of my Mom today...I really believe that you have channeled from heaven much of what you created in the portrait. I receive tremendous healing vibrations of love and joy from it. It is amazing how a visualization can be so healing." -- Kevin Williams

Angel Art - Megan Angel Art - Megan

For Megan's Mother - Megan's Story

"Dear Lotus, I received the portrait, it is wonderful!! Thank you so much! You've helped me in a way I can't explain...I just wanted to let you know how much this has touched me. It still bothers me to look at pictures of Megan, I think about the could have beens and the should have beens, but when I look at this, it tells me what she has become and I find that to be a big comfort. Thank you so much for easing my heart" -- Danette Moss

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