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Here is the Actual Purpose of the Angels and nature spirits (or elementals) and some descriptions of their appearance and their kingdoms or dimensions by those who have observed them at various times and in different places. (Note: The masculine pronouns are used for convenience only.)

"Man can know the facts. Faith need not be blind..."

"The philosopher should be...willing to listen to every suggestion but determined to judge for himself. He should not be biased by appearances; have no favorite hypothesis; be of no school and in doctrine have no master. Truth should be his primary object. If to these qualities he adds industry he may hope indeed to walk within the veil of the Temple of Nature." -- Faraday

"The Angelic Hosts may be regarded as the active, creative Intellignces and form-builders of all objective creation. From dawn to eve of Creative Day, they are ceaselessly in action as directors, designers, artists, producers and builders, ever subservient to and expressive of the One Will, the One Substance and the One Thought...they are the physically invisible yet omnipresent manifestors and engineers of the one propellent Power by which alone all things are made...From nature spirit to Cherubim, all these Intelligences make manifest the One Divine Thought.

"...Man is endowed with all the faculties necessary for complete knowledge both of himself and the visible and invisible universe. Extended vision is one of the required faculties. By its development and use, the boundaries of human knowledge may be gradually advanced until noumenon (things perceived, visible) and phenomenon (extraordinary, unusual - often unseen) are fully investigated and ultimately known as one. This fact is of importance, for at heart man is a seeker, an investigator, an explorer.

"Human life is a search...Guided by the methods and the findings of successful explorers, I have also begun to search. While I think I have found out what the ultimate discovery is, its attainment is obviously, as yet, very far off. En route, certain experiences have been passed through, certain discoveries made. Since they seem to be interesting and useful in themselves, and also have their place in reaching ultimate truth, I share them, hoping that they may inform and help others who similarly seek." "The Brotherhood of Angels & Men" -- Geoffrey Hodson
A Majestic Angelic Being

    "One day as, on a hillside at the edge of a beech forest in a secluded valley in the West of England, I was seeking ardently to enter the Sanctuary of Nature's hidden life, for me the heavens suddenly became filled with light. My consciousness was caught up into a realm radiant with that light which never was on land or sea. Gradually I realized the presence of a great Angelic Being, who was doubtless responsible for my elevated state. From his mind to mine there began to flow a stream of ideas concerning the life, the force and the consciousness of the universe and their self expression as angels and as men. This description is not strictly accurate, however, because during such communication, the sense of duality was reduced to a minimum. Rather did the two centers of consciousness, those of the angel and myself, became almost co-existent, temporarily forming one " being" within which the stream of ideas arose. This, I believe, is essentially true of all interchanges which occur above the level of the formal mind...In the latter, duality virtually disappears and oneness, utter-most interior unity, alone remains.
    "Daily entering that realm of light, I found that the great ocean of the life, the force and the soul of the universe had its myriad denizens. These are the Spiritual Selves of men...and the vast company of the Angelic Hosts, of which the Being who "addressed" me was a member.
     "He was supernally beautiful, majestic, godlike, and impassive and impersonal to the last degree. As teacher to pupil, he began to tell of and to enable me, with gradually increasing clarity, to perceive the Angelic Hosts, their Orders and degrees. He told of their communion with men, as in ancient Greece, Egypt and Eastern lands, their place in Nature as Ministers of the Most High and of that great dawn of creation when, metaphorically, as the Morning Stars they sang together and as the Sons of God they shouted for joy. He spoke of the creative process as the composition and performance of a celestial symphony, of the Logos (Creator, Source) as Divine Musician and of His universe as a manifestation of celestial harmony. He told of the great gods who assimilate the mighty creative chords in their primordial potency and relay them through all their ranks from the highest spiritual worlds to...the lower worlds, where lesser Hosts formatively echo and re-echo it, thereby building all Nature's varied forms. Since the Great Artist of the Universe perpetually creates, the Creative Symphony is ever being composed and ever performed. Angels and men live amidst celestial harmonies, the everlasting music of the spheres.
     "Such, in part, is the vision which once I had and which still lives with me. With it there has come the knowledge that, in their real existence, the gods who once were so near to men were none other than the Angelic Hosts, that throughout the great world darkness they have still been near, though unperceived, and that the time approaches when again the Major Creative Powers and Beings, the laws by which Cosmos emerges from chaos and the place of humanity in the vast process of divine manifestation will become apparent to mankind. For that day, it was intimated, man may well prepare...war must be outlawed, brotherhood must reign, beauty must be enshrined in human hearts and revealed through human lives. Then to a humanity united in one fraternity the Angels will reveal their immortal loveliness and lend their aid in building a new world in which all men may perceive and serve the Supreme as Beauty and as Truth." "The Brotherhood of Angels & Men" -- Geoffrey Hodson
The Angels' Appearance

    "Angelic forms are built of light, or rather of tenuous material which is self luminous; for every atom of their bodies, as also of the worlds in which they dwell, is a glowing, particle of light. The form they use closely resembles our own and is, in fact, built upon the same model, as is the human physical body...fairies and angels thus generally appear as very beautiful, ethereal human-like beings. Their faces, however, wear an expression which is distinctly non-human, for they are stamped with an impression of dynamic energy, of vividness of consciousness and life, with a certain supernal beauty and an other-worldlinnss which is rarely seen among men.
     "The appearance of the angels is also remarkable to human sight on account of the continual play of energy within and through their bodies and their glowing auras. They may be thought of both as agents, and even engineers, of the fundamental forces of Nature. The powers which they control and manipulate are continually passing through and radiating them, producing as they flow an effect which somewhat resembles the aurora.
     "Distinct force centers, vortices and certain clearly defined lines of force are visible in their bodies. In their auras...definite forms are produced, which sometimes suggest a crown upon the head and outspread wings of brilliant and ever changing hues. The auric pinions, however, are not used for flying, for angels move swiftly through the air at will, with a graceful, floating motion and need no aids to flight. The old painters and writers, some of, whom seem to have caught glimpses of them, apparently mistook these flowing forces for their clothing and their wings, and so depicted them as robed in human dress, and even gave the angels feathers in their wings.
     "As their bodies are formed of light, every variation in the flow of force produces a change of color. A change of consciousness is instantly visible as an alteration in the shape and color of their auras. An outpouring of love, for example, suffuses them with a crimson glow while...a vivid stream of roseate love force flows out towards the object of their affection. Activity of thought appears as an uprush of yellow light and power from the head, so that they frequently appear a as if crowned with a shining halo of light...a crown of gold which is their thought, set with many jewels, each jewel an idea...
     "All the phenomena of emotion and thought which we term subjective, are objective to angels, as also to men endowed with superphysical vision. Angels thus see thought processes, emotions and aspirations as external and material phenomena for they live in the worlds of feeling, thought, spiritual intuition and spiritual will. Their "speech" produces color and form rather than sound. A system of symbology is included in their mode of communication, symbols and flashes of color always appearing in the superphysical worlds as natural expressions of both human and angelic thought. The angels' sense of the oneness of Life is so vivid that their every thought expresses an aspect of the fundamental truth of unity. This gives to their color conversations a depth and a beauty not present in the ordinary interchange of human thought. They are incapable of a concept either purposeless or untrue, or which fails in some measure to express that inherent divinity of which they never lose consciousness, and which illumines and inspires their every thought and need...the mental language of the angels is instinctive and natural, calling for no conscious effort on their part in the choice and production of color form or symbol.
     "An angel who on occasion has mentally instructed me concerning his kingdom, also provided examples of angelic communication and of the operation of the law by which superphysical matter assumes appropriate form and color in response to the impact of thought. An account of two of these lessons is here given from notes taken at the time. I must however, first explain that angels on advanced levels are in the highest degree impersonal, impassive, detached. Their consciousness is universal and exclusively concentrated upon their tasks. They are not normally accustomed to experience any personal attachments whatever. Others associated with the evolving life in Nature do not, as far as I am aware, usually experience or express the emotion of personal love. Their minds are universal and their 'hearts' belong to the One Life of which they are impersonal embodiments. Certain angels, however, may be regarded as incarnations of the qualities of divine love, compassion, tenderness for all that lives, and these do feel, in however sublimated and impersonal a manner, a sense of unity with each other and with man." "The Brotherhood of Angels & Men" -- Geoffrey Hodson

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