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Angel Art - Angel on the Water

This photograph was taken on April 26, 2005,
at an eco-archaeological/marine reserve...for vacationers of all types.
It is located in a small inlet cove on the Yucatan Shoreline
of the Caribbean Sea, which is now called Xcaret.
"We had no knowledge of his presence at the time the picture was taken.
Not until we had the film developed did we know that there was an
Angel (as we call it) photo on our roll of film."
- Ron & Linda Martinez

Angel Art - Angel Photo

Taken by photographer Herb Runk on August 9, 1979, on Ecktachrome 64 with a Nikon F-3. He and his lovely wife, Hazel, saw this image over an amphitheater in northern California, during a dress rehearsal for a pageant on the life of Christ. (My very dear friend, Hazel, is now an Angel herself!)

Angel Art - Angel Lights

This is a copy of a Polaroid photo, so it's not as clear as the original.
I lightened it a bit, but otherwise it's untouched.
The two oblong lights above the Angel pictures and the four or five orbs were,
of course, not visible to us when the photo was taken.
When we saw it, we were surprised, especially by the white "flames" that
appeared on the pictures to the right of the blue Angel and on the right
wing of the pink one, since I hadn't painted them there.
(These two Angels are in the Early Works Gallery.)

Angel Art - Angel Portrait

This photo was discovered many years after it was taken.
The lights or orbs are around a picture entitled, "Angel Portrait,"
one of the Early Works, which was in the background
behind the subjects (not shown).


Angel Art - Light Ray

"I took this picture seven years ago. I don't remember the exact date cause it was a long time ago. I think it was May or June 1997, cause it was after a few months of having my first son. It was taken with a digital camera right by the entrance of my parents place. I took the picture of my friend and there was nothing by his side that could have reflected the lights from the flash.
"When we saw the picture after transferring them to the computer, we were surprised. We didn't expect this to show up in the picture. We tried to find an answer to that beam of light that appears beside him, but we couldn't figure it out. Still to this date, we have no idea of what it is..." --Nurinia


Angel Art - Angelic Light

This is a picture of my son, Philip, taken on Christmas night 2004. We were at my in-laws' house for dinner. After being up since the crack of dawn, Philip fell asleep in the middle of dinner. I took a picture and my sister-in-law also took one. She has not found her photo yet, but I know that she got the same bright light. There was nothing on that side of the room to create a flash. I do remember looking at my son thinking how beautiful and angelic he looked. I think it was an angel that we caught in this one... -- Marla J.


Angel Art - Guardian Angel

This picture was taken in Rockford, Michigan in June of 2006. It was the afternoon before my son's surgery - everything came out ok. -- Scott M.


Angel Art - Another Guardian Angel
This photo was taken on March 27th, 2002 when we brought our son home from the hospital, 3 days after being born... --Tom (Look closely to see the rainbow colors and the shapes in the light. L.W.)

Angel Art - Mary

This is a well-known picture that was circulated in the mid 1960's and thought by many to be a photograph of Mary, taken in Zeitun, Egypt, over the Coptic Church. The reports of her appearances there drew crowds of thousands daily and the pictures appeared in newspapers around the world.


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