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San Francisco Music Box - Golden Opulence Angel - Our most inspiring angel, rotating inside the globe. Tune: "Hark The Herald Angels Sing", 5.5" high. Every item from San Francisco Music Box Company is musical and features either an 18-note movement or a long-playing chip and the musical experience sets our music boxes apart from other gifts.

Maroll Gifts - Bearing a dove on her shoulder and a finely-crafted rose in her hand, this elegant angel makes a lovely home adornment. Exclusive. Our mission is to provide the best products and customer services, with sincerity and love while gaining the world wide love and trust of our customers!

My Paradise Cottage is a site dedicated to meeting fairies. Make your own Fairy House with my complete Fairy House Kit. The Kit contains everything needed to make a beautiful Fairy House, including a lovely, delicate Pewter Fairy. Explore my site and learn how to attract fairies to your own garden!

Flower Fairy Art

Flower Fairy Art - Fairy Products & Fairies Directory, Flower Fairies Pictures, Antique Flower Fairies Prints, Flower Fairy Books. We have a large selection of Flower Fairies from between 1930 - 1950, the prices vary according to rarity... We have traded in antique prints for almost 20 years and are the leading dealers in antique fairy prints.

Angel with Harp-BJCrystal Gifts

BJ Crystal Gifts-Angel Collection - This genuine Austrian crystal angel holds a genuine Austrian crystal red heart. A gold tone halo compliments this fine work of art. When placed in a sunny location, prism colors will splash out. The angel stands 2 1/4 inches high and is mounted on a 1 1/2 inch bevelled edge mirror.

Angel of Hope - Arrayed in a softly flowing gown, their lovely Bradford Exchange collectible sculpture, "Angel of Hope", offers a basket of roses, the flower of love. Her countenance expresses a heavenly peace. Her radiant wings magically reflect light through their rich, feathery texture. Many other beautiful angels.

Fairy Figurine

These "Enchanted Kingdom" Fairy figurines are some of the most beautiful we've ever seen, with lovely faces and vivid, pastel colors. When you see them for the first time, they literally take your breath away, they are so exquisite. From the Mystical Dragon,, Southern California's Leading Center for Unique Gifts...over 3,000 items from wedding gifts, goblets and toasting flutes to stuffed animals and jewelry... Fairy with Roses

Musical gifts that you can see and hear! from This lovely Fairy With Roses figurine is from Enchanted Garden Fairy Collectibles - She plays the tune: "Waltz of the Flowers." They also have musical Angels which include "The Dedication Angel", an Angel of Love, Angel of Light, Angel of the Flowers, Angel of the Stars, plus musical jewelry boxes, clocks and much more.

Ann Alber's "Visions of Heaven" is a world which offers you solace when you seek peace, delights the child within when you seek play, and gives you materials with which to expand your spirit...Here you will rediscover that you are loved by God, guided by angels, and supported by those of like mind and heart. Come join me in creating a heavenly existence from the inside out...

Angels Singing

Music Boxes and Musical Gifts - Angel and Fairy music boxes, musical gifts, miniature musical instruments, custom music boxes, carousels, waterglobes, mini clocks, toy pianos for kids and a whole lot more! They feature music boxes from around the world including Reuge of Switzerland, the "Rolls Royce" of musicals and Porter, both famous for their meticulous handcrafted inlaid Italian workmanship.

Magic Fairy Garden - Quality Fairy Themed Products and Gifts, Magic Fairy Garden, Magic Pixie Garden, Magic Dragon Garden, Fairy Party in a Box, Scratch Card Party Games, and more.

Angel of Love

Diamonds Of the Sea - December Diamonds offers christmas ornaments, magnets, and heavenly bodies unlike any you have seen before. Each December Diamonds christmas ornament is a unique design, hand made with care. The Angels are 5 to 7 inches tall and include some Angel figurines that stand alone.


Starlark - Self Empowerment Resources, self growth and self discovery. Personalized Astrology Reports, on-line courses and metaphysical articles. Ethereal and Zodiac Art on t-shirts and more."...May there be Peace on Earth" t-shirts, stickers, etc. in our Gift Shop.

Fairy Fantastic - How to see fairies. Celtic Folklore. All about Fairies - Fairy crafts, Fairy books and more.

Angel Pictures Angel Guide Website Angelic Whispers Banner

Angel Guide-All About Angels - Find a Collection of Guardian Angel Pictures and Angelic Encounters...enjoy beautiful Angel Pictures and Angel Poems. Angel Crafts section, downloadable Angel Wings Templates, Coloring Pages Angels and more.

Angel with Flowers

Mr. Music Box - Music boxes, musical gifts, miniature musical instruments, custom music boxes, Angel music boxes, carousels, waterglobes, mini clocks, toy pianos for kids and a whole lot more!

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