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Angel Art - Prince of Peace

Angel Art-Prince of Peace

"Prince of Peace"

"This Person was power itself, older than time and yet more modern than anyone I had ever met. Above all, I knew that this Man loved me. Far more even than power, what emanated from this Presence was unconditional love. An astonishing love. A love beyond my wildest imagining."

"Return From Tomorrow"
George Ritchie

Angel Art - Homeward Bound

Angel Art - Homeward Bound

Angel Art - Homeward Bound

"Homeward Bound I"

"The newly transported soul graduates always to its rightful place, to the place it has earned and prepared. 'Lay up for yourselves treasure in Heaven' may be taken as having a factual meaning. A good man or woman, kindly, unselfish, seeking God during life, yet without knowledge or understanding of survival has nothing to fear. His good deeds have already attracted those who can guide and help him to adjust to these new conditions."
"Testimony of Light"
Helen Greaves

Angel Art - Homeward Bound

Angel Art - Homeward Bound

"Homeward Bound II"

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