Angel Art - Angel at Dawn


Angel Art Gallery 3... Angel of Peace & an Angel at Dawn

"With Creator, they (the archangels) created
the next realm of angels, not quite as high in the light
but proportionately still possessing those same
elements of knowledge and power as the archangels.
Within those angelic realms there was recognition of the inseparability from Creator and each other..."

Matthew Ward ~ "Revelations For A New Era" ~ with Suzanne Ward

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Angel of Peace - Peace on Earth

Angel Art - Peace On Earth

"Peace On Earth"

"The tribulations that will continue in the short term is a sad endurance for Earth, but the evidence of change will become increasingly apparent with the ever-expanding light intensity...know that beyond what is visible, the glorious new era of peace, love and health
in mind, body and spirit is underway!"

"Voices of the Universe"
Matthew Ward with Suzanne Ward

Angel Art - Angel At Dawn

Angel Art - Angel At Dawn

"Angel At Dawn"

"Angels, of course, there are; great Beings of Light who do the Will of the Divine Creator and who carry and transmit Power and Beauty and Light. But they too are in the process of progress, advancement toward Their own great Centres. All is Order, advancement, progress.
And all is unity."

"Testimony of Light"
Helen Greaves

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