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Ltd. edition, museum-quality Giclee prints reproduced with
the finest archival inks on acid-free, fine-art papers and canvas
~ signed and numbered by the artist ~
The web pictures of the art do not begin to do justice to
the beauty of these prints with their clarity and exquisite color.

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Angel Art - Angel on the Threshold Angel Art - Angel on the Threshold

   "Angel on the Threshold"

"One evening a child of nine named Ann saw a shining, golden light that appeared to come from a wall in her room: "I sat up and watched the light grow. It grew rapidly in both size and brightness. In fact, the light got so bright that it seemed to me that the whole world was lit by it. I could see someone inside the light. There was this beautiful woman, and she was part of the light; in fact, she glowed...The love from her washed over me so that I didn't hesitate to put my hand in hers. As soon as I was standing beside her, we a beautiful, even brighter light."
"Glimpses of Eternity"
Arvin Gibson

Angel Art - Unseen Comfort

Angel Art - Unseen Comfort

Angel Art - Unseen Comfort

"Unseen Comfort"

"One evening, about two weeks after Brian's death, I was feeling very sad, thinking of him...Out of nowhere, I felt a hand tussle my hair, just like Brian was inclined to do when he was alive...I felt Brian was trying to console me and bring me out of my sorrow. I smiled and said ,'Okay, Brian, I'll try to snap out of this.' And I did."
"Hello From Heaven"
Judith Guggenheim
Bill Guggenheim

Angel Art - Returning to Light Angel Art - Returning To Light

"Returning To Light"

"A doctor was attending a child who was very ill. 'As I turned to pick up my medical bag, I saw a beautiful lady... approaching the child's crib. I knew that I was not observing any member of any earthly family. The lovely being bent over the crib...and then took the spirit form of the child into its arms and passed right through the wall of the nursery with the child cradled next to her breast'."
"Angels Over Their Shoulders:
Children's Encounters
With Heavenly Beings"

Sherry Steiger
Brad Steiger

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