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It's been a great pleasure to create some of the scenes described by those who have seen and experienced the angelic or heaven realms as well as those of the nature or "fairy" kingdoms. These descriptions - the quotes accompanying the art - are not something recorded in the dim and distant past, but are actual accounts published during the last 1 to 50 years by reputable writers and those who have the ability to see beyond the veil of this physical dimension.

Nearly everyone we've talked to has had one or more encounters either with a being he or she thought was an Angel, their loved ones who have passed on or has received assistance in times of need that seemed impossible to explain away as coincidence. Most prevalent were the visits from a departed mother, father, child, friend or someone with whom the person had a close relationship. Now that there is so much information available about ADC (after-death communication) and NDE (near-death experience), people not only feel comfortable sharing but most are eager to talk about their experiences without fear of ridicule, as in the past.

These photographs might be of interest. Are they actually angels, fairies, our loved ones who have "crossed over" or just a defect in the film? In nearly every instance, the object or "person" that appeared was not noticed while taking the picture, but was a surprise when the film was developed.

So the message of this art is "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of..." in most of our philosophies, to paraphrase Shakespeare. And if these pictures help to banish the fear of the unknown and bring some comfort to those who mourn, that's the purpose and reward.

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Some Comments About The Art

Dear Lotus, I just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate all the effort you put into MayMay's portrait. It hangs on the wall and it is still the only picture of her I can look at without too many tears. When we had to evacuate for Hurricane Rita, I made sure I took all my pictures, especially that portrait. You are a God-send. Thank you again...Danette Moss

Dear Lotus...
I have just spent half an hour or so thoroughly enjoying your site. Your art could only be inspired by spirit -- it is so magnificently light! It was interesting to see how your style and visions have expanded since your early works, whose greater simplicity also is beautiful. All of your art is beautiful -- however, the Angel of Peace touched my heart immediately, so she is my choice. With my whole being, I want peace for our world -- looking at her is the essence of a prayer for peace. She will be the star of my angels... Suzanne Ward

Dear Lotus...
The Angel of Peace is even much more beautiful than I knew she would be -- the enlargement on your site doesn't convey the power of her gentle radiance in "life size." Thank you, thank you! As soon as I can, I'll get a frame that does her justice, but for the time being she is sitting, relatively unfurled, on top of my filing cabinet and gracing my sanctuary from there. She arrived in pristine condition yesterday, so I can assure you that your method of mailing is secure...Suzanne Ward

Lotus, Thanks for your email. Feel free to link to my website... Your website is absolutely beautiful with your angel art. I noticed that you create beautiful heavenly portraits of loved ones who have crossed over. I love the examples you have on your website. I was wondering how much it would cost to create a large graphic of my departed mother in her fully glorious state?...I am interested in have a graphic created showing both my mother and grandfather in heaven based on the photo on this web page...Send me a quote whenever you can. I would love to have such a photo on my website...Thanks and God bless, Peace and Light, Kevin Williams

You are quite the artist extraordinaire! I absolutely love it. I received your excellent portrait of my Mom today...Were you aware that you mailed it to me on the 4th anniversary of my Mom's passing?...It would be very synchronistic if you were not aware that she passed away on this very day. (Note: I didn't know.) This wouldn't be the first synchronistic event having to do with my Mom's passing. I am pleasantly overwhelmed by all the unusual coincidences that occur to me - especially on this day.
Anyway, I emailed your portrait of my Mom to everyone in my family today. Already, I have been receiving excellent reviews of your work. I am seriously thinking of using the portrait for the cover my next book "Nothing Better Than LOVE". I really believe that you have channeled from heaven much of what you created in the portrait. I receive tremendous healing vibrations of love and joy from it. It is amazing how a visualization can be so healing. - Kevin Williams

I am going to send your web site to contacts here for the angel drawings. They are well done, you definitely are a good artist...H. Bentley

Hello Lotus, This morning, as I was preparing to start my day, I came upon your artwork through the Artella Articulation resource link. I was so impressed by your work, as many are I'm sure, but in addition to the fine skill your art displays, I sense a true depth of spiritual awareness, several of your pictures actually brought chills! I am interested in your pictures of the other world. I know it exists and can testify that those beings are very near to us, more so that we can imagine. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I look forward to hearing from you. Your paintings have truly touched me. I am certain they are even more phenomenal in person. Sincerely, Linda DeChow

Hi Lotus, I just had a chance to explore your angel art site. It is beautifully done and very easy to navigate. Plus I am appreciative of your artistic skill, especially since I am taking a beginning drawing class. My favorite, by the way, is Angel at Dawn. Thank you for sharing and I will refer friends who might like an angel on their wall to your site : ) Love, Kathy

Hello, My Name is Sue Miller and I stumbled upon your beautiful web site by accident. I also am an artist and I paint Angels and Fairies like you do. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your site and how much I love your art work. I felt right at home there. I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in swapping web links with me. I also have lots of other artists on my links page I think you might enjoy looking at. Please visit my world when you get a free moment and let me know if you would like to swap web links - Best wishes always. Your work is gorgeous! :-)Blessings, Sue Miller www.suemillerart

Some misc. reviews/comments about the website:

Beautiful site! Great work! Will visit again soon. Really enlightening. Great site. Your views are very interesting and make sense...great job!. This was highly informational and attractive...lovely site - very aesthetic. Very nice site - you have a big product line of Angel Art, I like the Angel & Fairy Gift Shop...Keep up the great work on your site and God Bless. Very well-designed site keep up the wonderful work. Very colorful and very nicely done. Great selection of angels. Keep up the great work...I'll admit it - I'm a sucker for angels and fairies - loved it.

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